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Our Story

Our mission is to make fighting climate change an easy part of your routine.

We founded Inlands to tell an optimistic story about the future: to prove that a company can regenerate our inner and outer ecosystems rather than ravaging them. 

Our mushroom coffee is shipped in compostable packaging and our entire supply chain is carbon negative. We take pride in paying above living wages to our farmers and supporting indigenous communities.

Inlands is underpinned by science:

  • Regenerative agricultural practices are able to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and sequester it back in the soil where it belongs. Less carbon in the atmosphere reduces global temperatures.

  • Mushrooms have shown the ability to regulate ecosystems, reversing pollution and restoring environments (mycoremediation).

  • The adapogens in mushrooms are great for our bodies. These organisms are incredible for us. They've been shown to reduce inflammation, elevate mood, promote mental focus and clarity, and protect the immune system.

We are excited to have you along on this journey with us. We will be transparent with you as we discover new ways to help the earth. Cheers to growing together.

P.S. We love hearing from you!

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