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From Mushroom to Mug: Sustainability at Every Step

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From Mushroom to Mug: Sustainability at Every Step

Getting our coffee to your doorstep is a task we don't take lightly.

Our sourcing, growing, and packaging is carefully selected to give you the best, most sustainable mushroom coffee around (if you're still a little rusty on what mushroom coffee is, catch up here).

And we're big on transparency. It's not enough to just talk about sustainability, it has to be part of our everyday operations. And we can promise that it is.

So let's break down the steps of our supply chain, following a mushroom's path right to your morning beverage.


Our mushrooms are grown:

  • organically, free from chemicals
  • in greenhouses, with natural sunlight and air flow
  • just like they would in nature, on logs that are native to each type of mushroom

What else makes our mushrooms special?

Unlike many mushroom extracts, ours isn't diluted with any fillers. That means no grain or starch added, just pure mushrooms.

Our extracts also come solely from the fruiting body (the above ground part of a mushroom). This detail matters, because the fruiting body may provide more health benefits than the mycelium (the underground part).


Our mushrooms are:

  • harvested by hand
  • naturally sun-dried
  • tested thoroughly by a 3rd party 

What about the coffee?

Our coffee is grown and harvested by a sustainable co-op of farmers in Honduras. Growers are paid fair, livable wages and work in safe, healthy conditions. The result? High quality, organic, fair trade coffee.


We use:

  • fully biodegradable and compostable bags
  • eco-friendly mailers, labels, and packaging material
  • lightweight packaging to minimize excessive weight

We also offset our carbon emissions by paying for carbon-saving measures elsewhere.

From start to finish, we're looking after the planet without compromising on taste. Bringing you the highest quality mushrooms and coffee, in a sustainable way. That's our mission.

Find all our products here.


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